The PERFECT Mother’s Day Gift:


If purchased before 11:59pm on Saturday, May 6th, you can get the dinner for free!  ($10 savings)

Tired Mom Special ($99) Need an afternoon to find yourself again?  Take three hours of blessed time off doing whatever rejuvenates you!  Childcare, living/dining/kitchen tidying, a delicious dinner assembled in your Crock-pot, and one small organizing project of your choice are what we would recommend, but you’re the one ordering!  Choose four items from the list below.

À la carte options (choose 4 per package):

  • Childcare for three hours (children under age two utilize 2 out of 4 choices)
  • Living/kitchen/dining tidying
  • Dinner assembled in Crock-pot (3 meal choices: ingredients provided at cost for an additional $10)
  • A load of laundry, start to finish (includes folding), or folding piles of clean laundry
  • Walk the dog
  • Water plants and dust living area
  • Small organizing project: entryway, cupboard, junk drawer, pantry shelf, etc.
  • Light weeding
  • Tidy kid’s room (one room per choice)

Click here to pre-purchase the $99 Mary Poppins package.  We’ll include the Crock-pot meal for free if you order before 11:59pm on Saturday, May 7th…just in time for Mother’s Day.  A gift certificate will be emailed to you that you can print for the lucky mom in your life. 

“I ordered the Tired Mom’s Special (Mary Poppins package) from Simply Mary Organizing and it was an absolute dream. After having a whole morning to myself to work on some projects I came home to a happy toddler, a dust-free living room, no dishes in the sink and the delicious smell of dinner simmering in the crock pot. The whole family loved the chicken and dumplings meal. This would a be a perfect gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day or to a parent who just needs a little break. Thank you Simply Mary Organizing!” ~JW