It’s Time to Get Prepared…Now.

I’m from Louisiana.  It’s been hard to watch the pictures online of the devastation from the recent flood, and it seems like my state is getting battered over, and over, and over again.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to deal with a disaster on this scale, simultaneously, at the same time as all of my neighbors.128622084

My favorite vacation area in Italy just got hit by an earthquake.  There have been massive wildfires raging in a large portion of the western US this summer.  You don’t need me to tell you that your chance of experiencing a natural disaster is higher than it’s ever been.

After attending the Be Ready Utah expo this weekend, and helping my brother and his family update their 72-hour backpacks as I organized for them this summer, a strong drive took hold of me to help everyone who will listen get ready.  So I’m going to offer emergency preparedness as a part of my organizing service, at a discount, because I’m very passionate about helping you get it done.

Do you have 72-hour backpacks ready for each member (and animal) in your household?

Do you have 1-2 gallons of water for 3 days per person stored in your home?

Do your kids know what to expect if an earthquake/disaster hits during school hours and you can’t get to them right away?  Do you have a family plan?

Do you have emergency supplies in your car?  At work?

Do you have enough food to tide you over until things get back to normal after a disaster?  How about first aid kits?  If you already have 72-hour backpacks, do the clothes you picked out for each individual still fit?


Here are my family’s.  The backpacks aren’t fancy and I’m sure my kids will complain about the food, but hey…we’re prepared.  You may only need this reminder and will go get it done yourself now…wonderful.  Send me a picture of your packs for a $10 off coupon on future organizing projects!   But if you’ve been putting this off, having me in your home (or on the phone) will make it real, and we will get it done.  It will give you peace of mind, and might make a dramatic difference when you face your next local disaster.

Emergency Prep Organizing Offer:

30-minute evaluation, free (show me what you already have)

Step 1: Go over my detailed list of items needed, personalize it for your family

Step 2: Gather items you already have around the house,including backpacks

Step 3: Make detailed list of what you are lacking

Step 4: Shop for supplies

Step 5: Assemble in backpacks

Step 6: Store in a good place in your home (clear out if necessary)

Cost: Only $35 per hour if you contact me before fall rates begin (Labor Day)

$40 per hour if contacted after Labor Day (…still a 20% discount)

Note:  If you don’t live in my servicing area (30-minute radius of SLC), but still want help, I’ll walk you through the process via phone and email, asking you to submit pictures as we go.  It won’t take long.  Let’s schedule your appointment today.

 Go here to get started.  Good for you!


Above photograph by Steve Madancy