Before and After Pictures

For those of us who grasp things visually, here are some pictures to demonstrate some areas that I have organized for clients.

hot tub 1                  hot tub 2.JPG

Utility closet for cleaning and hot tub supplies.


IMG_3044.JPG                  IMG_3223.JPG

Transforming an unused space in the kitchen into a nurturing reading nook.




Isn’t it so much easier to figure out what you can cook for dinner when you can clearly see the options?


office 5.JPG                    office 6.JPG

Labeling and putting similar items in containers makes it a piece of cake to find…and then clean up…the supplies you use for office work, crafts, or hobbies.


utility 1.JPG                  utility 5.JPG

Give cleaning products a clearly defined space and they’ll find their way back home.  Over-the-door shoe storage can be used in a variety of different ways and locations.  This approach gives your closet shelves a little more breathing room.


IMG_3388.JPG            IMG_3390.JPG

You’ll never realize you actually had six rolls of tape in your junk drawer until you sort like items with like!  Now one glance in the drawer shows you all of its contents,


so you don’t have to spend precious time rifling through things to find what you need.


Simply Mary Organizing–we’d love to help you find organizational solutions for your home or business.

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