A Spark

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We’ve all heard by now that Marie Kondo’s method of organizing is to touch each item you own to see if it sparks joy for you.  At an organizing job this week, I was reminded of a different kind of spark that can occur for those who start decluttering: once you start the process, it fuels a momentum that energizes your life and home much more than just the scope of the original project.  A friend and fellow musician hired me to organize her husband’s home office.  I was surprised when I showed up the second day, after the sort, to see how many different tasks she’d accomplished while I was gone: she had decluttered a bookshelf in another room, hung pictures, cleared out an entertainment center, and whittled down stacks of papers.  We put the finishing touches on the office together, and she was excited to see (and looked forward to showing her husband) the end result of a much more organized, spacious, and functional room for his many business pursuits.  I was delighted to receive a text message from her that night, showing that she’d tackled her own studio/office when I left and attained the same result!

I learned that sometimes all you need is a spark to get going, and the fire will catch and spread.  We often put off big tasks because they feel overwhelming and we don’t know where to start, but hiring a professional organizer to begin the process and help you get past the initial step is a move that will pay dividends.  If you can’t splurge on a whole-house organizing package right now, just start with one room, and see where the energy takes you!

PFMM2314Desk uncluttered, extra printer removed, pictures hung on wall

AGGR3267Bookshelf added, dust-collecting memorabilia arranged elsewhere

MQTB1811From everything on the floor to nothing on the floor, and favorite items hung

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